HTTP Status Codes

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2xx - Success

200 - OK

Request was successful

201 - Created

Resource was created

202 - Accepted

Request was accepted

203 - Non-Authoritative Information

Request was successful but returned meta-information

204 - No Content

Request was successful but no content was returned

205 - Reset Content

Request was successful but no content was returned and the client should reset the document view

206 - Partial Content

Request was successful but only partial content was returned

207 - Multi-Status

The message body that follows is an XML message

208 - Already Reported

The members of a DAV binding have already been enumerated

226 - IM Used

The server has fulfilled a request for the resource

3xx - Redirection

300 - Multiple Choices

Indicates multiple options for the resource that the client may follow

301 - Moved Permanently

This and all future requests should be directed to the given URI

302 - Found

Tells the client to look at another URL

303 - See Other

The response to the request can be found under another URI

304 - Not Modified

The resource has not been modified since the last request

305 - Use Proxy

The requested resource is only available through a proxy

306 - Switch Proxy

No longer used

307 - Temporary Redirect

The request should be repeated with another URI

308 - Permanent Redirect

This and all future requests should be directed to the given URI

4xx - Client Error

400 - Bad Request

Request was successful but there was an error in the body

401 - Unauthorized

Authentication is required and has failed or has not yet been provided

402 - Payment Required

Reserved for future use

403 - Forbidden

The request was valid but the server is refusing action

404 - Not Found

The requested resource could not be found

405 - Method Not Allowed

The request method is not supported by the requested resource

406 - Not Acceptable

The requested resource is capable of generating only content not acceptable according to the Accept headers sent in the request

407 - Proxy Authentication Required

The client must first authenticate itself with the proxy

408 - Request Timeout

The server timed out waiting for the request

409 - Conflict

Indicates that the request could not be processed because of conflict

410 - Gone

Indicates that the resource requested is no longer available

411 - Length Required

The request did not specify the length of its content

412 - Precondition Failed

The server does not meet one of the preconditions

413 - Payload Too Large

The request is larger than the server is willing or able to process

414 - URI Too Long

The URI provided was too long for the server to process

415 - Unsupported Media Type

The request entity has a media type which the server or resource does not support

416 - Range Not Satisfiable

The client has asked for a portion of the file but the server cannot supply that portion

417 - Expectation Failed

The server cannot meet the requirements of the Expect header

418 - I'm a teapot

This server is a teapot

421 - Misdirected Request

The request was directed at a server that is not able to produce a response

422 - Unprocessable Entity

The request was well-formed but was unable to be followed

423 - Locked

The resource that is being accessed is locked

424 - Failed Dependency

The request failed due to failure of a previous request

425 - Too Early

The server is unwilling to risk processing a request

426 - Upgrade Required

The client should switch to a different protocol

428 - Precondition Required

The origin server requires the request to be conditional

429 - Too Many Requests

The user has sent too many requests in a given amount of time

431 - Request Header Fields Too Large

The server is unwilling to process the request because its header fields are too large

451 - Unavailable For Legal Reasons

The server is denying access to the resource as a consequence of a legal demand

5xx - Server Error

500 - Internal Server Error

The server encountered an unexpected condition that prevented it from fulfilling the request

501 - Not Implemented

The server does not support the functionality required

502 - Bad Gateway

The server was acting as a gateway or proxy and received an invalid response from the upstream server

503 - Service Unavailable

The server is currently unavailable

504 - Gateway Timeout

The server was acting as a gateway or proxy

505 - HTTP Version Not Supported

The server does not support the HTTP protocol version used in the request

506 - Variant Also Negotiates

Transparent content negotiation for the request results in a circular reference

507 - Insufficient Storage

The server is unable to store the representation

508 - Loop Detected

The server detected an infinite loop while processing the request

510 - Not Extended

Further extensions to the request are required

511 - Network Authentication Required

The client needs to authenticate to gain network access